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pdoto ft nomonde sky stage fright lyrics - PdotO Ft Nomonde Sky - Stage Fright (Lyrics)
Intro: Pdot O]
Uh, yeah

[Verse: Pdot O]
I’ve been rapping for a long time
I’ve been slaying for a long time
Part of me is so tired
I’ve been complaining for a long time
You know what? I ooze a certain energy
Was birthed to be the best indeed
I seldom sleep, thinking ’bout ways
I’m dreaming of days
Shit is fucked up, it seems I’m slipping away
Stage freight got me feeling brave right?
But the irony, the butterflies make me slay mic
So take me somewhere beautiful, let me live my life
I’m sick and tired of this shit that we used to do
Fuck rap, this shit is rotten as hell now
Nightmares, reading I’m Hell bound
I bleed red blood over the microphone
Tell me why we so alone?
I’m searching for a better day, mama on the other phone
Hold up mama, let me call you right back
Head spinning, pop a pill
I hope I take the right step
But the stage keep calling
No matter how many times a motherfucker get up, I keep falling
I’m calling
Vision is still clear because he, know how to get the fuck up and keep balling, shiii!
I feel sick, too many crooks right now
That’s why I chill and read a book right now
I know my hooks profound, that’s why I cook more sounds
I fuckin’ look so calm but inside I’m still boiling
Make no mistake I’ma go down a legend
People understand that he spiritual like a reverend
In my presence, you feel the light of God like it’s magic
Seperate the fake ones and put me in the front seat, yhii!
Partner you get what you give
I gave my soul to the music and now I’m blessed to receive
And it’s a blessing indeed
We never stressed, we believe
It’s all love, nothing greater than a vision complete
Look, I don’t give a fuck, if you like me or not
All I know the letters I write, are permanent marked
The devil is fucked
We pray God and move in abundance
I fought everyday, for that one chance
The one chance to prove myself
I’ve abused myself
Neglect the responsibility to boost myself, Lord!
Nobody bleed words the way I do
But this shit come at a price before you hear my truth
Understand my devil
Understand my demon
Understand my vice
Appreciate my freedom, yhii!
Look, I’m synonyms to van Gogh
I paint love but my pain in the forefront
You can’t force us to conform to your false trust
You can’t force us to conform to your false love
Whoever read this letter, understand that I’m a man
I’m tryna make things better
So of course I mess up, but the truth my treasure
Alleviate that pressure, and keep the faith my nigga
Uh, look
Just keep the faith my nigga
What goes up must come down, I understand that better
Uh, stage freight, fuck it
I’m at a loss B
Suck it up for real and just perform P
Your pen is concrete
Your story goes deep
Never shy away from God, that is a core need

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[Spoken Words: ]
Come face your fears
They didn’t explain that means taking a mirror, and asking all your unattractive demons to come hither
But they scream against your reflection, they never whisper
Stage freight
Only afraid about the words you won’t say right
That’s what happens when you choke on clouds
The curse that comes with being elevated, at first flight
They said it’s part of the constitutional makeup, but it never conceals right
Stage freight
The audience becomes an open lake
They, see you as the big fish but deep inside you’re the small hake
They’re applauds remain your bait and so.. we remain in chase
Un-less they fold their arms and for our ovation til death we shall wait
Stage freight
It’s, only scary when you meet yourself there, and you’ve never been introduced
Your soul has gone through so much it finally feels reduced
Like, is this me?
Why am I so afraid of being in my own skin?
Living only to die on stages
They’ll recite my rhymes, I’ve lived in pages
The only fear I have is the bright light turning me blind, while I seek my kind
Scream “Osaah” to my thoughts and be blessed with peace of mind
Curtains drawn, pencils broken, heads the story of my life
Waking up in cold sweat to realise, I live for the adrenaline that comes with dying..
Of stage freight

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